Are you in touch with your inner child?

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are you in touch with your inner child, embracing innocence in life, what do we miss out on as we grow up, pablo picaso quotes on innocence, quote analysis inncoenceI came across this quote and I couldn’t stop thinking about my childhood. All that ran in my mind was the way I enjoyed life, laughing as loud as I could, excitement to little things of life, crying outdoor wasn’t uncomfortable at all, Waving at a stranger with a smile was absolute fun.  All I knew was that the world is a beautiful place. Dreaming without limitations was my favourite pass time and now if I look at the way I live it isn’t as fun as before. Dreams come with conditions applied, talking to a stranger feels uncomfortable, hiding emotions outdoor is the toughest, laughing loud means uninvited attention. When someone tries to be nice to us, we wonder what they want from us. We all love our childhood days, we all want to maintain the innocence but unknowingly tend to lose it as we grow.

I totally agree things aren’t the same as we grow, we are indebted to look at the reality, practicality and responsibility of life but somewhere is the process of creating the person we want to be we miss out to appreciate the little emotions which adds so much value to life.

This quote reminds me of a line which goes like this “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened!” We all know how much more we can add to life but somehow we lack an effort to make it happen 🙂 Whenever you feel it’s  hard to handle the tough world, more often the child inside you still whispers  ” Don’t worry it’s fun out there” but i guess we have to be a little sensitive to listen . Embrace the child, pamper it and love it as it will add more flavours to the person you are and makes you feel nicer and  more adorable 🙂








3 thoughts on “Are you in touch with your inner child?

  1. As we grow old we accumulate a lot of garbage in the form of past experience of happiness, sorrow, humiliation, feliciation, hatred and love. Whenever we meet a new person, we always feel how is this person going to react to my advances. Will the person think I am a lunatic, or a lout? As a child we do not have these problems. We take life as it is. I wish we get in touch with our inner child that is always curious, always eager to learn and not sinical.

    1. I really like the first representation Abhijit, we do acquire a lot of garbage as we grow up. I have often had this conversation with my friend where we keep going on about how unlearning is a lot more challenging than learning and why it is so important to do it as well. We do miss out on a lot of things as we grow up and life does seem to be all the more complicated without much reasoning as well. The most trivial reasons like others perception, the length of a car and so many other things which never made any sense suddenly start creating a lot of things.. I do wish too, but then there are times I realize, maybe we are in touch, we might just have to work a bit to keep bringing it out a lil more often.. Maybe 🙂

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