Are legs the only thing you need to run?

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Larry Chloupek , a man in his 50 s , lost a leg to bone cancer at the age of 7. Despite his disability he made up his mind to be an athlete. He participated in the Boston Marathon this year covering 26.2 miles. He was the only man on crutches to race.  His main purpose was to motivate the amputees injured by the bombing in 2013 marathon .  Chloupek said. They’re new amputees. I wanted to prove a point to them — that despite what happened last year, they can overcome it” 

Something like this definitely stops us for a moment and think about us, our limitations in life, the challenges we face and the strength to overcome them. Of course along the way, it never is easy to deal with challenges in life and they never seem to cease, they keep happening, one after the other as though there is no end to them. But I guess we can put an end to them. That doesn’t mean that the problems are going to cease. They will always be there. It is just that our ability to deal with them changes.

Also it is so easy to fall prey to the act of pity, some from the people around us and some of our own and self pity is probably one of the worst impediments to success. We get to read about a man, an amputee, the first thought that comes to our mind is – How would he be able to walk and perform his daily activity when he lost the means to it. Well I guess people are amazing at finding solutions and most of those are hardly on the physical domain, they are mostly internal, the beautiful emotions and thoughts which govern us and the ones we get to govern.

I believe Larry had a big challenge, maybe to walk but he dealt with running in a greater flair. Imagine a man with cruthces running 26 miles?! Well I guess none of our problems look that big now do they? I think we all have that strong Larry inside of us, sometimes he needs a wake up call and sometimes a drill, but he is there for sure, waiting to be beckoned. All we have to do is call out loud!



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