Amy Purdy, TED Talks: If Your Life Were A Book And You Were An Author, What Would You Do?

Continuing our series of motivational videos, we present you today with an inspiring talk from Amy Purdy.

A happy dreamer, Amy Purdy starts her independent life writing her life story the way she wanted it to go until she realized the shocking part of what her future had. She lost her legs when she was 19 and her life takes a whole new path later on. Can you imagine losing legs at the age of 19, how would you or I react to that and what would our mental state be, how would we face such a situation in life and in fact try and move past it.

Well, that’s what Amy Purdy is here to talk about. This video is about Amy, how she still continued to write her story beyond the borders.

Amy starts her talk with a simple question,

“If your life were a book and you were an author, how would you want your story to go?

And here are her interpretations on this inspiring Ted Talks.

Excerpts from the talk:

  • “Our borders and our obstacles can only do two things
    Stop us in our tracks
    Force us to get creative”
  • “Borders are where the actual ends, but also where imagination and story begins”
  • “If your life were a book and you were an author, how would you want your story to go?

What amazes me most is to know that Amy kept her words “writing the story” throughout her life. She faced borders and limitations, but she crossed them all to make a great story of her life. She became a snowboarder winning world cup gold medals and just not to limit it there, she even took part in the competition “Dancing with the Stars.” Isn’t Amy an incredible example of pushing one’s limits.

And today Amy Purdy is a snowboarder, actress, model, dancer, clothes designer, motivational speaker, an author and also the co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports. More than anything, Amy Purdy an incredible example of “Living Beyond Limits”

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  1. What an inspiration! To all of us…Her story reminds me of Sudha Chandran…the legendary dancer and actress… 🙂