Accept only the best

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This most certainly is my most favourite quote of all time. Very few statements have such raw power, determination and perseverance in them. This particular one keeps me captivated in so many ways. There are various messages this one quote delivers and it has seemed so right no matter how different each occasion has been. Trying to analyse what the quote is trying to say

  • It is saying that we should keep our standards high. No point in shooting for the moon when the stars are out there
  • It talks about the determination and belief in one’s abilities to make things work. If you refuse – It talks so evidently about the confidence about oneself.
  • It talks about one’s capacities – “Anything but the best” which indicates that is where the focus has to be at. We are not here in this world for just another reason, the reasons are unique and the reasons aren’t acceptable unless they are bringing the best out of us.
  • It means when you are fighting at that level, trying to make things at such high standards, the greater possibility is of things working out. Gandhi did it, Lincoln did it and so did our beloved Obama, What is stopping you?
  • It tells you to fight, no matter how hard things seem to be and not working in your favour, do not settle for anything lesser cos that is what a fight is always about, going beyond your limitations, reaching out and making things happen!

I certainly believe there are a variety ways in which quotes have impact on us, but this particular one tops my list in all such levels.

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