A sweeper who returned the phone

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After watching a suspense thriller movie I and my friends returned home and realized after few hours that a friend of mine lost her mobile phone. As we traced back to figure out where we lost she remembered to have used it in the theater. When we reached the place unfortunately we didn’t find it anywhere.  After two days of intense search, she decided to block her sim card and was planning to buy a new phone.

The time when we were discussing about the phones in the market, her landline phone rings and that was the angel voice of the day. The man said to have found the phone.  What shocked us was that the phone’s resale value was a minimum of 10,000 rupees and the man who found it was a sweeper at the theater. I am sure 10,000 rupees is more than his salary for a month. Selling the phone would have helped him to bare his expenses but he still preferred to stay right to his beliefs and helped her to get back her phone. As she talked to him she learned that it took him two days to find a suitable charger and a suitable person to help him reach her as he didn’t know to operate the phone. It’s surprising how the man went beyond his way to reach her.

 “The hero of the day “ as we call him. It feels wonderful to come across people who still value a stranger’s emotions more than money. How often do we see people like this? This incident makes me reassure that world is a still a nice place with nice people around. I guess sometimes showing value to a stranger’s emotions can bring a lovely smile and happiness on their face and I saw the same smile and happiness on my friends face that day. It takes very little effort and a lot of good will and thoughts to be a person like him.

A small gratitude to the man who reassured me that there are people who value a stranger’s emotions more than money.

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