A life spent on making mistakes

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I always prided myself with the idea of trying to be a perfectionist, never making any mistakes, trying to live an ideal life with no fingers pointed at me. It all sounded so beautiful, I mean who wouldn’t love a life without mistakes, without any challenges and everything working so smooth in our favor?

Well I was in for a surprise, maybe a rude shock if I may say but nothing seemed to be as perfect as it was in the mind. I wondered what actually might be the problem – the first answer I got was that it was a wretched world with selfish people who cared for no one else but themselves, the next answer was, what if they are wrong – I will set them right! And the next one was well, it maybe that way but maybe I can adjust, maybe I don’t have to worry about it, all I need is a compromise. And the final answer I came to was, well no matter what I think, things are the way they are, I may choose to believe in any idea I want to and I would have to live with that! I mean whether I am a perfectionist or not, whether I make mistakes or not, whether I try to have a simplified view of life or not, it was all my choice and I would have to deal with the consequences of the same.

Being a perfectionist never offered the opportunity to make mistakes, the whole idea made me a little more arrogant than I was and it kept increasing without any repair. But the one moment things changed was the way I started looking at the mistakes. All along our lives I think we are taught that mistakes have to be avoided, failures have to be chided and ignored. Only success is the way to go in Life. But how can someone succeed without any mistakes? How can someone be existing being excellent at everything they put their hands on? Don’t you think if someone is doing that, perhaps they are doing the things they are good at, not even touching the ones that challenge them. And if that is the case, if there is no challenge in life, where is the growth? Where does the personality expand? When do we become more responsive to a higher quality of life? Well, we can perhaps try and find answers for these or maybe go ahead and make those beautiful mistakes, who knows we might actually enjoy them more than we think 😉

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8 thoughts on “A life spent on making mistakes

  1. a lot to think about…you are right. If someone thinks their life is perfect. there is probably not enough challenge and no growth. The other could be they are perfectly satisfied with what they have and they have accepted life as it is. Some may call it mediocre but there are people who are happy with their perfect world 🙂 nice post 🙂

    1. Thank you Preethi :). I really find these perfectionists a set of people trying to live in denial, trying to create a world they want so perfect that they neglect everything else around them, not even acknowledge the reality! But I have wondered, if that is the case, isn’t it equivalent to a frog’s life in a well?

      As for the other point you mentioned, its a very strong one and people often use the wrong label as mediocre. But I think those are the ones who have a great lesson to offer us, if it is a conscious choice, if they are living the simpler form of life, it is something to be greatly appreciated indeed. Just to realize that they have steered past the temptations to a place where they know what really matters is extremely commendable 🙂

      As always, nice to see your thoughts Preethi 🙂

  2. As Shaw has implied, the only way to avoid making mistakes is to do nothing! If one keeps working, one will keep making mistakes once in a while. Of course, it’s necessary to learn from one’s mistakes and to reduce the frequency of mistakes as time goes by.

    1. True mate, I too believe that it all boils down to the learning. That holds the key for any achievement in our lives :).

      Although doing nothing is kinda fun sometimes ;)..

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