8 Years Of Chak De India – 5 Sensible Bits Of Inspiration

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 8 Years of Chak De India: 

8 Years Of Chak De India , lessons from chak de india, why should I watch chak de india, inspiration in chak de india, lessons in chak de indiaIndeed, its been 8 years. I think it was the time when the trend of movies started in this range. It was Lagaan, Swades, Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti all of which had a very interesting theme in them. At some point, all these movies brought out the patriotic aspect within us, subtly making us respect the country more. They didn’t quite instigate us into a rebellion action which is amazing but they did leave us with a beautiful question about the country and a lot of respect for the talent and capacity in the country which with a little training can lead us to higher levels.

And yes, it has already been about 8 years of chak de India and we thought, why not post 8 inspirational aspects which we learnt from chak de india.

1) The Respect For Women. 

I really liked the idea that the entire movie was made on the base of women’s hockey team and not the mens. Not that the movie wouldn’t run with men and hockey. We all have heard of Dhyan Chand, the man with the magic stick and also a news of a movie being made on him. Well, it might as well be a work in progress, but I really liked the idea that women were highlighted in this and there wasn’t much of male chauvinism which was portrayed through and even though it was, they made sure to show it in the right light and snubbed it very well.

2) Team Spirit. 

Something which I loved all along the movie was the team spirit that was portrayed through the game. Right from the first scene where Shahrukh asks each one of the players as to where they are from and doesn’t rest until he hears the word India to the time he gets them to work as a team. I don’t recall any better movie in India which talks about team work and very efficiently builds it through the movie.

3) The Respect For Errors. 

All along, there has been a constant respect for the errors in the movie and how each one of the players learns through these errors and makes it count. I would have hated it if it were a movie about overnight success, but what made these memories stick even after 8 Years Of Chak De India is just that it was that real and a little closer to what we could relate to.

4) Team Over Person

I think what really stood out through the movie was the emphasis on the team. Although we have talked a little bit about this in our first point. I really liked that they never made the movie about one single person. Or else the entire aspect would have been too single sided. The point that they involved every character in the movie and found a harmonious way for each of these character traits to work together to make the goal a success was phenomenal. Our real lives aren’t too different anyway right? We all see so many variations around us to finally realize that all of these can be turned into resources to achieve our final goals.

5) Dream Big Attitude. 

I like the way the entire theme is built. Right from the start, the building of the dream and the goal. Granted that there was a story at the base of it to make it more interesting, but the more interesting aspect was that right from the start the agenda has been to dream big and work towards it. Like Kalam once said – Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon atleast. That is fairly true here as well :).

I think all through, the movie has some fascinating aspects for personal development and team management which places it in our high list of must watch movies. And here is commemorating 8 years of Chak de india. Hoping to see more such movies in the future and the loads of inspiration to keep us going. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, it is our sincere request to pick it up, it has a lot more to offer than it looks 🙂

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6 thoughts on “8 Years Of Chak De India – 5 Sensible Bits Of Inspiration

  1. Very true, Vinay. The film represents all that you’ve mentioned. Along with these, I would like to add the feeling of nationalism, it’s there in the film, but not very loudly. The subtlety adds more to it. This is one of those very few films which I would love to watch more than once. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the addition Maniparna. I agree, the subtlety is a very good form of morale boosting or story telling and they have done it really well all through the movie. There is no preaching anywhere but the actions all through the movie awaken those senses in us. If you ask me, that is the best form of teaching possible 🙂

  2. The movie was inspirational. I saw the movie in a theater when I was going through the lowest phase of my life but when i came out I started thinking new. The movie flows naturally and speaks of commoners making it great.

    1. Thanks Datta, I loved the movie too. It was this movie and Swades when I started respecting SRK as an actor who was taking on mature roles and actually taking a lead from the Masala movies. SRK has always been a great marketing and business person. Him taking up this role was surely a heartening factor for me 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful movie. In fact, I started liking Sharukh only after this movie. I like one particular scene in this movie very much where all the national players get to introduce themselves in ground in front of their coach (Kabir). Instead of giving importance to the nation, most of the players address their states and region where they come from, for which they get punished. After that Mr. Khan says a wonderful dialogue arousing our patriotism. That was an amazing scene.

    1. In all fairness Gowthama, even my respect for SRK as an actor grew immensely after I saw this and Swades, I really like him in these mature roles with a nice message to the society. It kinda brings the focus from a standard empty movie to the one with a lot of stuff in it which makes us appreciate the actor more cos he becomes more than an actor, he becomes an icon if I may say…

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