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Cheers To Saina Nehwal

As Saina Nehwal wins the first ever silver in World Badminton Championship for India, we could not be more proud and our cheer is really a simple extension of the joy we feel and the pride in having such a hero amongst. As we make this post today, we realize how blessed we feel that we are inspired by such people over and over in our lives and they have added so much of value to our own internal lives and the perspective we have towards achieving something in life.

As we mull over this, we present you today with our favourite selection of quotes from Saina Nehwal which is bound to fill you with energy. And as we read this or know that someone we respect has made a large achievement, it maybe a vicarious joy but the knowledge of someone reaching that high a level fills us up with a great amount of motivation and a relook at our challenges in our life – Maybe there is a hope for us after all :).

Without much ado, here you go with 8 Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes as we cheer for Saina Nehwal today.

1) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 1:


My philosophy is to not be scared of anyone. If I play well, great; if I don’t, I learn from the match and move

The challenges are always very daunting and even make us question our abilities. But there is an honest truth we all realize in life and the honest truth which Saina shares in this quote  of hers. There is really no point in being scared of the challenges. I am not preaching that we should never be afraid, although that would be awesome. But we are saying that it is ok to be afraid but how we look at this thing called fear is going to make a lot of difference in the way we look at the world and of course it has a bearing on our own worlds too.

All we can do, is to give in our best and make sure that we have done everything from our end for something so dear to us. And true that sometimes things do get screwed up, but we can’t let the fear screw us over and over again. The fear has a place in our life and we should show it its place and let it know who the bigger person is. It can never be bigger than you or me!

2) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 2:


I do not fear anybody on the field or in society, but I fear at night when I am away from my parents. I am scared of the unknown described in horror movies.

And we are all scared, we all fret about a few things in life. This might seem a tad contradictory to the previous quote. But if you look closely, it is actually a complimentary one. All of us are afraid, we all have a fear zone and it is ok. There is no point in trying to prove a hero just for the sake of it. The point on this is just that everyone is afraid, no matter how much we try not to be.

And then it is really ok, as long as it is not pulling us down. But the moment we realize that it is, then it is time to take things under control and make that change.

3) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 3:


I want to be the best, it’s not about the ranking, it’s about being consistent.

Honestly we all have been ranked at the best at some point in life in atleast one field or the other. Sometimes we might have worked really hard or sometimes we might have been a little more talented and sometimes we might have just been plain lucky. But that hardly makes a difference right?

In the long run, no one really cares about the accolades of the past. They happened a long time ago and if it was great, it gave us confidence and if it was not – it gave us a lesson, not a fear. And the more we look at being the best we can and staying there consistently, there is very little that can stop us on our tracks.

4) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 4:


My uncles and other relatives are against encouraging girls in every aspect, and that includes sports. I hardly interact with them. My parents are more open. They back me all the way.

Well, if you ever said that the heroes were lucky and they were given enough encouragement and resources all through their lives, then the quote is answering those questions in the most straightforward way possible. We all have those pockets of people who support us and nurture us. And we all have those pockets of the society which put us down no matter what we do. And honestly there is no satisfying them completely. They will have one thing or the other to complain about.

If you are earning well then you are not married, if you are married your kids are not bright enough. If you are an entrepreneur you are taking a huge risk and don’t care about families and parents. If you are a meek follower of everything they say, you are a sheep.

Well, you see where I am getting at. There is no satisfying them! The smart thing to do is to be with people who empower us. I agree that we should respond to criticism. But please just the constructive one. If we let the whole world speak, the whole world speaks full of crap!

5) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 5:


I am a human being. When you are frustrated, you do cry. It’s more than once that I cried.

And we all get frustrated, whether it is a competition or not, no matter what stage we are in our life. And I really appreciate Saina Nehwal as she says this. I mean there is a tendency in the society to make heroes perfect. We spoke about this in our post – I think we are desperate for PERFECT heroes. And there is also a tendency to make gods out of them so that no one can relate to them and think that they are of a golden stream of blood.

I don’t know why it is done but I do know that it takes us further from the truth we want to appreciate or belong to in life. Everyone has challenges, even the best of the best do. In fact they have more challenges than we can probably imagine. But the quality of these problems and the way they respond to them makes all the difference. And that is the true mettle and strength of a person.

6) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 6:


Once you are satisfied with your goal, it is the real happiness.

We have talked a lot about happiness on this site of ours and we are real fans of it. We have talked about the happiness in giving, we have talked about internal happiness and the external one too. What Saina speaks of here is the happiness of satisfaction, the feeling of knowing where we are headed and how we can shape our life with it. The contentment in knowing our actions and the goals and how well we can see them weave a path for us together.

Steve Jobs said you can’t look forward to connect the dots, but you can always look at this and see how it weaves a pattern to your life. And that is truly a different sense of happiness indeed.

7) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 7:


“You can’t let the highs make you feel overconfident nor can you let the lows be a reason to dampen your spirit.”

Life will be full of surprises. Sometimes it will bring out a BIG SURPRISE in front of you and sweep you with happiness and sometimes it just puts you down so bad that you do not feeling like getting up from the bed. We have all been there and we all feel low or high. We all touch the phases of confidence or diffidence and even the supercilious contempt. But then, consistency is what matters the most.

Magic is not in being that perfect person who never slips from morality or never makes a mistake. Magic is in our own mental make up which keeps us in the best of our mental health for a consistently long period. And that is something to feel really proud about.

8) Saina Nehwal Inspirational Quotes 8:


“I was written off by many as someone having mediocre talent. I faced a lot of challenges while looking for someone to coach me. I was rejected by many who thought I was lacking in talent. I am thankful to Almighty that he gave me parents who are my pillars of support and have struggled a lot to give me the life I am leading today.”

If you said, you didn’t receive enough encouragement while growing up, how about this for a person who later went on to win the silver medal in the world badminton championship?

I think talent is highly overrated, not just in this country but everywhere we go. We would be surprised how many people with ordinary ability have done extraordinary things in life. The answer is in something deeper than talent. It is internal, it is the spirit which never bends down to the annoying comments of people around us. It is the spirit which keeps us awake and alive no matter how much someone pushes us down. It is the determination which leads us to where we want in life.

These are our 8 Highly Motivational Quotes from Saina Nehwal. Stay tuned in for more. And do let us know which one you liked the most as we keep a tab on where to focus the most 🙂

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