7 Reasons To Run When You Are Angry!

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Being Angry – The Sudden Surge

run when angry, anger management, adrenaline rush anger, focus during anger, channel anger, immediate relief angerAnger is a sudden surge of energy, it is a wide range of thoughts pressing on your mind and you need a way to function at the same speed as the thoughts to channelize them, make them work in your favour.

True, it is quite straightforward to feel angry, shout at someone, get a temporary relief, but the question is – AT WHAT COST? We were thinking if there was a better way and here comes running.

Here are 7 reasons as to why you should run when you are angry

1)Immediate Relief

We all love immediate solutions don’t we. And when we are angry, we like to vent it out, let ourselves free and free ourselves to find a recluse from the situation.

The anger is a huge surge of energy and there can be a lot of creative ways about using it for your advantage.

Some people suggest meditation, some say – count to ten and you will be relieved. Some have said that we need to think of peaceful things, things we love and care about.

But I do agree that it is hard to do all these most times, esp when they are poles apart with their character – for example I would really find it hard to meditate when I am angry.

Instead, we can find conducive modes to use this anger. Whenever I think of anger, I think of adrenaline rush and when I think of that – it can mean a sport, fight, exercise or the best form – Running!

The sheer pump of blood and the energy in working up a sweat is a perfect form which works along with your emotions to give you the perfect immediate relief.

2) It makes you focus better

An anger is a bitter emotion, it burns us from inside, makes us feel extremely uncomfortable and hurt. One way to respond may be shout at the top of your voice so that your lungs get enough oxygen or simply tie your shoes together and go for a run.

It helps you focus on that one thing – it maybe that one thing which is bothering you or it maybe the solution. The saintly ways ahead are of course the long term ones, but if we are thinking of letting our body loose and react to the circumstances, then lets better use it to bring the best out of us :).

3) Helps to burn energy

We all love that extra energy don’t we? I know that whenever I am angry, I do feel a little uncomfortable and I do feel a little out of control.

It maybe cos there is more energy than I know what to do with and it is great to find use to it. We can calm it down in so many ways – the stress eating, literally shouting at someone, going for a drive and what not.

But we need to burn this energy out. It is neither a positive nor a negative energy, it is just energy and the smart thing to do is find use to it in a way such that it helps us.

4) Adrenaline rush

I have always loved the adrenaline rush, the sudden surge of energy – the motivation to do so many things and of course the singular focus.

I think anger naturally brings out the blood rush in us. If we can find a way to bring the adrenaline rush along with it and channel it better, it can be an amazing tool for us make use of.

And I have found that running actually does bring out that factor. And this works really well if we are angry at ourselves for not doing something or falling below our standards. Either ways, it is an emotion, it is a call for change and we can respond to it in a way that benefits us!

5) Channels energy

It gives the energy you have a focus, a direction to vent it out on.

It maybe the ground on which you are running or it maybe your legs.

But it gives an opening for you. Use it!

6) Calorie burner

You don’t burn bridges when you are angry! You burn your calories.

Let the fresh essence of energy come into you.

Burn it all up, to add to your reasons, it gives you a way to stay in shape

7) Better than stress eating

I have often realized that whenever I am angry, I am also hurt and whenever I am hurt, I try to fill that void.

The most natural way to fill void is – well you know it – stress eating. We have such a fancy word for it now.

We all have different ways of coping with anger/hurt. But hey, try something a little different – go out for a run or a swim or any physical activity at all, it helps you get a lot of things in order.

These were our top 7 reasons to run! You know what to do when you are angry now, just find the nicest pair of shoes 🙂

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25 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Run When You Are Angry!

        1. :). I think there are some really nice clubs which do cycling very regularly. I did try my hand it at. But I realize I am not much of a cycler. I can run, I can also swim and I can cycle too , but somehow I don’t seem to enjoy it that much 🙂

  1. actually its true when we are angry there is something add on in us that if channelized aptly it can be a boon. Infact, when i am extremely angry i can beat my weakness, suddenly the self confidence rises, etc etc…
    Well nice post…. it makes us think….

    1. Thank you Lata. Hope you are doing good :).. I agree to every word of this, anger is a beautiful emotion. And it sometimes just needs a channel to get it flowing in the right direction.. And the correlation between anger and self confidence is quite intriguing. I have experienced that happen a bit and it feels really good. In a way sometimes I really find its uses in getting angry.. Not very often though 🙂

    1. :).. Its actually quite a lot of fun Najm. I have personally tried it and found it quite useful. Each time I have been a little down or angry, it is a great source of energy and by the time I come out of a run, I feel a lot calmer cos I get to process these emotions and thoughts better 🙂

    1. Thank you Sweety :),, He he :D.. Well that’s a very interesting question. But it depends on what they do when they have that temper and how they provide an outlet to it.. If they do the same things like binge eating or maybe shouting at someone else, then I guess they definitely miss out on the advantage of being athletes 🙂

  2. Few hours back my girlfriend shouted on me. I kept myself quiet that time. Now reading your post feeling much relaxed. 😉
    Going to buy one bicycle for me.

    1. Thank you Nick. That really is a compliment for us to hear. It kinda makes me feel that it was really worth writing this post and to know that it has helped is a great feeling indeed :)..

      Hope things are good with your and your gf.. He he, that sounds like a good idea, any reason is a great one to get some physical exercise 🙂

  3. Well .. when I am angry and / or agitated , I usually call someone jovial not related with the reason of my anger and chat with that person. But next time, I will definitely try your idea.

    1. That’s a nice plan Amitabha. I do that too. But at times when I feel that I need to be alone so that I can process my thoughts better, running really works like a charm. Either that or maybe sometimes loud music with audible beats. Something to focus or channel the rage within.

  4. Adding an expert opinion – Dr.Sweety Shinde says- “I believe it is the endorphins released at exercise that suppress the negative vibes.”

    Looks like there was a little science to the argument after all. Thank you Sweety 🙂

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