7 Lies that Ruin your Relationship

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7 Lies that Ruin your Relationship

Relationship, a bond of trust and love between two people which cannot work only with the efforts of one partner. Lot of individuals think that happiness can only be there in any relationship with materialistic efforts and money In today’s environment movies , our surrounding promote that your true love or life partner will fulfill your dreams and here comes the reason for the expectations from the partner. Some people tend to have very high expectations from the loved ones, which leads to the tension of not meeting the expectations and in turn to the lies from the partner.

Some of the lies are categorized as white lies which are due to the reason of not hurting the partner’s sentiments but the lies which can affect the bonding of relationship are called as Big lies and are the reason for the breakup of many relationships in the world. People put a lot of efforts to keep their lies under wrap and they can be successful for some time but not in the long run.

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7 Lies that Ruin your Relationship

Financial Lies:

There should not be any lies between the couples regarding the financial matters and everything should be discussed between them openly As a couple, both of them should be aware about your earning , investments and other financial matters, but if anyone lies about money in a relationship it will definitely affect the relationship in the long run The money matters decision of who will be handling which responsibilities and dividing the daily expenses should be handled with full commitment .

Sexual Lies:

The backbone of the relationship is your loyalty towards partner No one in this world can tolerate a cheating partner in life, so if you are cheating with your partner for someone else your relationship will end.

Disrespect towards partner, family members:

All of us want to be treated with respect and so our family, so if you are disrespecting your partner families and telling lies about it ,this will definitely hurt your relationship in the future.

Touch with your Ex:

If you have some past, discuss about it with your partner in advance and if you are in touch with your partner’s knowledge, it can definitely hurt your partner’s feeling .This contact may be nonsexual but still if you lie it will hurt.

Level of Commitment:

Some people tell lies about their feelings and love about their partner. Such lies can hurt the sentiments of the other person in the relationship.

Time together:

Some people lie about the reasons why they can’t spend time together by giving reason of work and responsibilities, whereas actually they were spending time with their friends , such damages can hurt your relationships.

Flirting with others:

When you are flirting with someone in your office or someone around, and if accidentally your partners come to know about it. This lie can also affect your relationship.

It is never a fun to imagine our loved ones lying to us. A beautiful relationship can only survive because of love and honesty.

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  1. Nice post Vinay, Hannah is a good writer and has posted a few guest blog on my blogs as well 🙂 All the points mentioned here are absolutely correct, and these lies can surely break or ruin any relationship…

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