7 creative ways to face fear

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How to face fear!
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Fears are perhaps one of the most natural feelings that we are going to have. Some of them drive us in the right direction, some weaken us, some make us question ourselves, most of all they make us force ourselves into action. If not, it is a fear which is misrepresented and a fear which is not well respected. How do we face these fears in LIFE? Are there a few set thoughts which can reduce the effect of fear on our lives and we take control over them? Well, here are a few thoughts.

  • Identify what the fear is trying to tell you

Every emotion we face is trying to send us a message. Identify what the fear is trying to tell you. Is it telling you to stop what you are doing, is it telling you that you should spend more time on something. Is it telling you that you need to improve certain attributes. It certainly is not telling that you are useless, identify the real message

  • How much of it is real

Identify how much would be real and how much would be perceived. The mind is a beautiful thing, it can perceive the fear to be catastrophic or none at all. What if you tell your mind or rather convince it to see how simple it is. More often than not, the actual dangers are much smaller than we perceive. However if they are bigger, looking at them as slightly smaller ones would still help you to try to overcome them cos it gives you the motivation and not the threat.

  • See what you want, not what you are afraid of

Most often our minds are trained to look at what we lose, it certainly is very natural cos there is a LOSS associated with it. But in doing so, subconsciously don’t we actually start focusing on the various different ways we can fail in life? Why not focus on all the probabilities that we can work with. There will be plenty reasons to fail but only one to succeed- YOU!

  • Believe in yourself

Most of us somehow perceive that the fear is bigger than us. IS IT? Nothing in the world can be bigger than you. If you think there is, then you might be wrong somewhere. No challenge arises in life without you having the capacity to resolve it. The solution may not be very obvious or might not be direct also but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to. You probably need to muster that ability, find it in your heart and act upon it.

  • What would you do if you were not afraid

How would you face the situation? What all are the actions you would take? Wouldn’t it be out of inspiration as opposed to that of desperation? Fear tries to inspire us through the desperation front, we need to get to the other side, something should motivate us cos we love it, not be worried about.

  •  Face smaller fears

Facing fear is like building a muscle, the more fears you face, the better you get at it. They need not be BIG fears to start with, it maybe something as simple as striking a conversation with a stranger or making a public speech or being assertive with someone. Build that muscle, face these small ones, without your knowledge you’ll slowly start enjoying the phase of winning over your feat.

  • Don’t be perfect

Perfection is a great way to screw up life. There will never be the perfect solutions, there will always be those minor challenges. Don’t sweat over the small stuff, they are all the small ones. Look at the bigger picture, what truly matters is you. Find a way to bring out that true self.

And above all ACT! None of these suggestions make any sense till we act upon them. Take a leap of faith, act upon them. The amount of results you receive will be phenomenally larger than you’d have imagined. It is a beautiful life, don’t let a small fear destroy that for you!

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13 thoughts on “7 creative ways to face fear

  1. I AM REGULAR FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG…salute for this work..giving smile and confidence on one’s face is ultimate aim of every person..
    thank u bro..

    1. Thank you Raman. This really means a lot to us. We promise you that we will keep this going, perhaps find more ways to add value.

      If you have any thoughts in mind as to how we can improve or topics we can write about which can be of help, please do let us know, we would love to work on them 🙂

  2. Good post Vinay. Truly all the points which you discussed are correct, especially I do believe on “Believe in Yourself” point, but yes getting rid of fear is not an easy task. You need a very strong determination to do it.

    1. Thank you Alok :). I agree, fear is certainly a very challenging thing, infact more challenging than the real danger. But once you break it and know how insignificant it is in the broader scheme of things, the rest of them find a way to bind together so well for a truly deserved success 🙂

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