6 Things FRIENDS Teach Us

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I woke up in the morning and as per the routine checked my phone. It was flooded with messages and that’s when I realized it was Friendship Day. I was nostalgic within seconds. Remembered all my dear friends who have been my laugh therapist, psychiatrists, family, companions and teachers. I am sure we all have such friends. . The thought of friends links me to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series. I am a great fan and  the series has left an impact on me and I guess it’s the same with many of you as well.

Here are the 6 things which the characters of F.R.I.E.N.D.S teach us


Monica: Total control freak I can say. How many of you are such control freaks? Well… My dad is! Mess up with his systematic control and you’ll know why you shouldn’t ever do that! But I guess that’s ok… Every home has one such person and it’s probably because of them we get to be in a neat place. Certain things have to happen the way they should. Controlling things is not really bad. You get to know there are few things you can control in life and there are few which need to be controlled because sometimes a part of control is to correct your weakness. She is a good competitor- well yes competition is important. She is a good host and if you are like her that’s something to be proud of.


Chandler: “It’s sarcasm!”  I am sure you had the same in your mind. Don’t you like sarcasm? A witty one is always appreciated right? Something that is attractive about his character is the way he laughs at himself. I have a few friends who laugh crazily at their mistakes and it does make me believe when they can even I can laugh at it and forget. Laughing is an ultimate source of happiness to forget your stupidity and mistakes sometimes.  He taught me that it’s fun to laugh at your stupid jokes, it’s ok to cry and it’s ok not to cry as well.


Rachel: She is dumb, stubborn, materialistic and sometimes a little selfish too. That’s ok most of us are like that. It’s OK to be dumb. There were times when I tried to prove I wasn’t dumb and ended up proving it right to all others. Well if you notice there is an evolution in her character. The once dumb girl transformed to be a little dumb and a more sensible woman in the end. If you are one such girl you sure can hope to be sensible in future.


Ross: I had fallen in love with this character for some time. A geek, socially awkward at times and he thought me to embrace the nerd in me. I tried to be cautious at times about what others might think about me but it doesn’t really makes sense because I have started to love the nerd me and it’s ok to show people your nerd side.

0Pheobe : Crazy! Ha Ha I can relate so well to this character because I am one. She is humble, carefree, weirdo, confident. She loves to sing even though she is bad at it. The beauty of the character is the way she loves being herself. Love yourself because when you do that people around you do the same.

Joey-joey-tribbiani-30330956-520-428Joey: “How you doing?” Well when I say Joey, you probably can’t take your thoughts from food and women, right? Joey apart from the flirting skills has also taught us that it’s ok to be a sensitive fool. It’s nice to show your sensitive side to your loved ones because when you do that they will always feel good and feel comforted by you.


I can go on with a never ending list of what F.R.I.E.N.D.S has thought us. If you have watched this series I am sure you have taken plenty of smiles, a few tear drops and a lot of “feel good” feeling and many lessons for life too. Every character teaches you something and if you observe all the characters appreciate their true self. That’s the beauty of a personality. You are something and what makes you special is the way you appreciate it.


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26 thoughts on “6 Things FRIENDS Teach Us

  1. Ah ! Lovely post Vidyashree, You actually made all the characters live in front of us. Definitely Friends have their own space in one’s life. I cannot imagine a single day of my life without my friends. Happy Friendship Day….. 😀

  2. Lovely post 😀 Wish you a very Happy friendship day Guys! Nostalgic indeed, it made me rem all my friends.Phoebe & Ross my fav over the time, though I became fan of JA (messy) hairs from this series 😀 😀 which I am still.

  3. FRIENDS on friendship day… Perfect. Somehow my favourite has always been Phoebe, though most people I find this weird 🙂

    1. Thank you Alok. This article is a complete brain child of Vidya, it was very smart of her to pick this topic to write on :). And as a series, I still wonder why they stopped. It was such a great show on the screen 🙂 ..

  4. Friends…. all time favourate well my favourate character is Chandler and somewhere i too relate to him. Well Happy friendship Day 🙂

  5. I loved it Vidyashree…There hasn’t been a single weekday I have spent without watching this awesome soap opera…..In my eyes each and every character in this series have such an importance to make this a super hit. I know a person who characteristically resembles exactly like Chandler at my work place and I myself resonate a lot with Monica…I neat freak, organize freak, control freak, love to cook but less “high maintenance though”….I also know a few folks who always say the they wouldn’t mind if Ross wasn’t a part at all 😀 (which i always disagree)…..My personal fav’s are Joye Phoebe and definitely their partnered scenes…I and my son we both can practically say most of the dialogue and we inadvertently quote on so many scenes from these and correlate it with day to day happenings….I love it so much that my husband bought me the 10 yrs series from Amazon as a gift a few years ago….And last but not least…(Believe it or not )…The series is actually on in my TV while I stumbled on your post…..:)

    1. Monica? Super! see I said every house has one Monica. It is a must I guess or else home would not be a home 😀
      I can’t imagine the series without Ross. You see so many Ross- es 😛 in your daily life. Initially I was hoping to see some sparks in Joey and Phoebe but it’s good it didn’t happen that way. It ended all perfect.
      And what a sensible gift from your husband for a friends fan like you.
      That’s an absolute coincidence, watching friends and reading about friends- well wait it’s a Joincidence 😛

  6. Thank you Saumya :). Glad that you liked the article :). I have been an eternal fan of this series. I think there have been so many series out there but nothing outclasses this amazing one!

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