6 Thing To Do When You Forget Your Loved Ones Special Day

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birthday-candles-579117_1280The reason for this article comes from a friend who forgot another friend’s birthday.  I love birthdays and other special days and it feels great to be remembered by my friends on the special day of my life. We do know, birthdays don’t hold the same importance for everyone but let’s face it. For most of us, it’s special and we do want to be our loved ones to know it.

Keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, and special days is slightly difficult with many things running in mind but thanks to the modern day help system with FB and reminders, they are a great way to keep you reminded. But what if you forgot one of your close friend’s special day and you feel awful about it. I am sure, your close friend understands your busy schedule and will understand your situation but at the same time they do wish for your wishes.

Well to let us free from the guilt and to make your loved ones feel happy, here are 6 ways you can work out things between and enjoy your loved one’s special day


Apologize genuinely

“I am sorry.” We have been using this lot in our lives, but it’s a must to do here.  Be true. Don’t explain too much on how busy you were because the focus shifts from being sorry to you, you….. and your busy schedule. Keep the explanation limited and sorry powerful.

Don’t ever pretend as if nothing happened. I have a friend, a very close one who forgot my birthday. Though I would have loved to hear his wishes I understood he was busy and forgot the date. What bothered me was not the fact that he didn’t wish me; it was the fact that he never did a conversation on that. HA HA! Probably, I was expecting a lot from him 😀

People want to make sure that you care for them. It’s not too much they ask for. All they need is an assurance once in a while, if not their special day then some other day at least.


Ask them if there is anything you can do to make them feel better

Be sincere. People appreciate that. It makes them feel that you realise how special the day is for them and you are ready to make it better.

Plan for an activity together, a dinner or an outing or a movie, something what your loved ones would love to do. Do a little extra if you can as compensation. If it’s not possible then do a little at least. Your time and your attention would mean a lot to them.


It’s not about you alone

A few of you might be wondering. “Why so much for a day! It’s just another day!” or some of you might even feel it childish and silly cravings.

Well, my friend! We have to understand it’s not about us alone.  Wishes on a special day are a gesture for your loved ones and an indication for a many of them on how important they are to you.


Don’t overdo things

This is a must thing to keep in mind. Don’t overdo things as compensation. Don’t make your friend come into a conclusion that the things you are doing are mostly for your guilty feeling than their happiness.


Tell them what they mean to you

Tell them how important they are. And how awful you feel for forgetting (And again! Do it if you are genuinely sorry)

People love and appreciate reiterations of a few things. Especially when it is about what you feel for them.


Promise to change

Well, it depends on the other person. If you feel the person needs to hear it from you. Go ahead! And make a promise, if not then promise yourself not to forget it again and keep the reminder a few days prior to the date.


Ways to please your loved ones? Well…. I am sure you know it better than I do.

(Buying gifts, spending money is optional 😉 )


We know many of you keep forgetting special days in life and are being forgotten by your loved ones on your special days. Tell us your way of making up to it. Tell us what you did or have been doing for a long time 😉 We would love to hear from you.

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  1. One thing is must in these circumstances, “Listen to the consequences PATIENTLY” 😀 After its our duty to listen after committing the blunder. Good post Vinay 😉

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