6 Real, Inspirational Aamir Khan Quotes And Life Lessons

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Aamir Khan – The Likes and Dislikes

Continuing our series of inspirational quotes and a ppt on the same, today we are gonna talk about Aamir Khan and 6 of his handpicked inspirational quotes. Something I have liked about Aamir Khan, maybe in the last 10 years is the way he has conducted himself and the values he has stood for. I have also liked the choice of movies he has acted in because most of them had a message to share. And above all, I think there are very few people on the stage who actually lead a lifestyle which you and I can relate to as morality or a social conduct and maybe even follow the same. This post is dedicated to all the Aamir Khan fans out there including me.

Without much ado, we present you 6 realistic inspirational quotes from Aamir Khan

Aamir khan Quotes 1:
I am a very idealistic man- Aamir Khan QuotesI am a very idealistic man. I believe that even people who are part of the problem can become part of the solution

Aamir Khan

Not many people seem to speak about values these days and I am really happy to know that there are those people who believe in those hapless ideals. I mean all through this website we have promoted not to worry about perfection and it might seem a bit ironical that we are talking about ideals here. It is like Tony Robbins who talks about the standards in life and how important they are to elevate the quality of life. The same is true with us too, the higher we try to reach, the closer we get. And when we trying it out for a noble goal then what better than the blind belief sometimes?

I really like the aspect where he talks about people who are a part of the problem becoming a part of the solution. It takes great belief in humanity to say this and we are in complete awe and support of this. People indeed are wonderful, our job is just to tap that aspect in each one of them we meet. I do agree that it is an arduous task, but it sure is well worth it 🙂

Aamir khan Quotes 2:

I give failures as much importance as success- Aamir Khan QuotesI have had unsuccessful films, but I learned a lot from those films. I give my failures as much importance as my success.

Aamir Khan

Unfortunately very few people talk about failures out there. Somehow I feel that people talk about failures very easily and somewhere in the society too we are taught to ignore the failures and concentrate on success. But failures are as important as successes and sometimes more important than them. Bill Gates calls success a ‘Lousy Teacher’ because it seduces the intelligent ones to believe that they can never be wrong. And that is a horrible moral isn’t it? It strips you off every humility you have. And failures although underrated have a great value in the essence that they are shaping us all along. It is our responsibility as to how we let them shape us, but they do shape us and play an important role all the same.

Aamir khan Quotes 3

I do what I feel is right- Aamir Khan Quotes

I do what I feel is right. I am not scared to walk on the new path and take risk.

Aamir Khan

Every great achievement in this world has at one point been a risk. It was the risk of copernicus that led to the belief of a sun centric system. it was the risk of Galileo to bring out the telescope. It was the risk of Disney to bring out Mickey Mouse. It was the risk of Edison which brought out the bulbs and so on. I guess, culturally we are taught to look at what hurts us the most so that we take each decision cautiously. If we keep doing that for everything, if we keep avoiding every mistake and take the most perfect decision, then I am afraid that we might never be able to take one.

If we want something different to happen, we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect something else as an outcome. We got to venture out, we got to get out of that comfort zone which sucks us in and makes us believe that life is good even if it is going through hell. We don’t want that, we don’t want lies, we are looking for something more meaningful and that is out there, waiting for us to claim.

My biggest Achievement - Aamir Khan Quotes

Aamir khan Quotes 4

The journey that I have undertaken, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been my biggest achievement.

Aamir Khan

Anthony Robbins in one of his talks states – “It is not what you get that matters, it is who you become”. From the time I heard that, I have been an absolute fan of this quote. And I think one of the greatest gifts we will get through the process, the biggest resource we will have is the quality of people we get to interact with because they decide a great deal in our life. Our peers have a huge impact on what we do in the society and sometimes in our personal life too. Our peers motivate us to push our limits and grow to their level and on the flip side, they can also pull us down. No wonder it is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. If we are at a position where we can attract people who are living life at the edge, with so much of passion and energy that it often becomes contagious. And truly enough, these are the real achievements we leave the world with, if you are looking in the spiritual sense. Life sure is a gift and the gift is enhanced by the quality of the amazing people around us.

Aamir khan Quotes 5

I wont sign films for money - Aamir Khan QuotesI made a very important decision- I won’t sign films for money, fame or name and not even for big banners. For me, it has always been whether my gut feeling, my instinct or my heart is allowing me to agree to do a film or not

Aamir Khan

Money in most management books takes the position of a universal motivator. And apparently in the society too, it seems to have an answer to any questions – or atleast most people tend to think like that. To be brutally honest, even we have been sucked into that belief system sometimes but sometimes we do wake up and realize that there are far more important things in life. Of course our jobs are important, they let us lead our daily lives and help cater to our base needs. But something really important is that, it caters only to our BASE NEEDS. If we have the hunger for a life with meaning, where we can make a real difference, then I guess the role of money is pretty limited. Life gets a little bigger than that.

And if we want to take life to the next stage, we got to follow our passion. Money has a way of following us and that is the best way to earn it too. It is a great slave but a horrible master and it knows how to answer for a command. And what better a commander than your gut feeling and passion?

Aamir khan Quotes 6

Education is education- Aamir Khan QuotesEducation is education, be it verbal or written.

Aamir Khan

What is education? Is it the fancy degrees, PHD’s, the ivy league tags and what not? Vivekananda calls education the perfection already existent in man. Education is chiseling of one’s character and building him or her into all they can be. Education is refinement of the values within us and the system we call the society. Education is compassion and tolerance to our fellow men. Education is not our finesse, our quality nor the amount of money we earn. Education is deeper than that, more meaningful than that. Education is a beautiful way of life – whether it is oral or written, there is more education in humanity than any books can provide.

These were our top 6 realistic quotes from Aamir Khan. Stay tuned in for more such inspirational tidbits.

Before you leave us, do let us know which one you liked the most, it helps our research to tailor and select the quotes accordingly for our future posts.

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15 thoughts on “6 Real, Inspirational Aamir Khan Quotes And Life Lessons

  1. Aamir Khan is a perfectionist and from his quotes, it seems, he practices what he preaches. Good collection, Vinay…:-)

    1. True Maniparna :). He is a very inspiring character and of late when I see him on screen, I feel like respecting him for the values he actually stands for and that is somehow very evident in almost everything he does, just like you said 🙂

    1. Thank you Somali. Something I feel about Aamir is that he lives those things he talks about. We find very few people like that and those people are worth all the respect and adulation they get 🙂

    1. Thank you Kashpal. Aamir is a wonderful icon and a role model for many who believe in a life of values. I love the public image he has maintained and the way he has carried himself. I like that he is never at the commercial award functions and is there at the government ones which promote true arts. I like how he has not sold himself out for money. I like that he is not a face of business and marketing but a face of ethics and morals. He truly is a worthy role model indeed.

    1. Thanks Saru, I guess that is something which only Aamir khan or a person in his shoes can speak for themselves. I liked a few of his movie selections. I don’t really see much of a logic in the movies Dhoom and Talash though. But maybe they satisfied his gut feeling. Probably!

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