5 Ways You Are Killing Your Dreams- Bel Pesce, TED Talks

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You have watched many videos that tell you what to do to achieve your dreams. Here is one video which tells you what you shouldn’t be doing in order to achieve your dreams.

Bel Pesce:
Bel Pesce who was voted as the “10 most admired leaders of Brazil,” is the founder of FazINOVA, a school that helps people of all ages achieve their dreams. Bel believes,“Everything is possible, if you put your mind and heart into your dreams.” She is a talker with experience. She studied her majors in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Management Science at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as it was on of her dreams and also got Minors in Economics and Mathematics. Bel is also an author. One of her best selling books is “The Brazilian Girl from Silicon Valley.” Bel has delivered more than 200 talks across the world and this is one of her videos at the TED Talks

Bel Pesce talks about the 5 ways to kill your dreams. These could be the ways we are unknowingly following in order to achieve our dreams. Watch the video and you will know why you should avoid these 5 things.

Iterating the 5 ways that might kill your dreams

  1. Believe in overnight success.
  2. Believe someone else has answers for you.
  3. Believe when growth is guaranteed you should settle down.
  4. Believe that fault In someone else’s.
  5. Believe only the goal themselves matter.


Dreams are one of the most valued possessions of our lives. It’s not just about money, fame, identity, it’s mostly something to do with who you are as a person and what you desire to be as a person. No matter how small it is, it is still something we all wish to accomplish. I do agree, even the smallest dream of ours might have to travel a long way to find it’s destination, but it will find it for sure one day if we are patient, perseverant and positive. And of course not to forget to keep ourselves away from the destructive thoughts Bel Pesce mentioned.

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