5 Simple Rules To Deal With Negative People

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How to deal with negative people?

Before we try and answer that question, let us ask who are these negative people?

– Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you have an exciting idea and you want to share it to the people you like and the ones you don’t like as well, that is when you encounter these people.

They will listen to you very patiently and then try and find a fault at every little junction of the plan.

They have a proud word to recognize themselves – Perfectionists!

Being a perfectionist!

I had read somewhere that perfection is the worst standard to have in life cos you will never be satisfied. Instead, focus on exception and that will lead you somewhere.

I have been in a place where I was a proud perfectionist, nothing would satisfy me. Whenever someone told me about anything, my first thought was to identify what would go wrong. I always told myself that it was a critical approach so that we could avoid all mistakes.

Whatever they call themselves, but the moment you know that the value addition from these people to your lives is minimal, it is time that you learn your own tricks to deal with the negative people.

Here are a few ways you can deal with these negative people

1) Neglect

This is the age old tried and tested method which works and works very well. Just ignore them right at their face, do not even bother to listen to what they are telling.

Make them feel that what they are saying is worthless and they need to be supportive to be a part of your life. But this comes at a cost though – you might end up hurting them and showing them that you are full of attitude.

2) Sense of Humor

Don’t take them seriously. They have proved that they are a pain in your life and their values have not been of any significance to what you do or what you want to do.

So make fun of those thoughts, look at it with a sense of humor and identify what is funny about it. Make an exercise out of it and you might actually enjoy it.

3) Curiosity!

Curiosity is a great trait. Identify why that person is saying that. What are the reasons?

– To prevent you from achieving something? 

– Basing it on their own experience of life? 

– Reaction to their own problems rather than yours? 

Well, 90% of the time people react to their own problems and their own experiences no matter what you are talking to them! So try and identify what the primary reason is and that tells you how seriously you should take them.

4) Opinion Vs Judgement!

Know that there is a difference between an opinion and judgement. If what the other person is saying is not corroborated by facts, it is mere opinion and it is your choice whether to believe it or not or whether to act on it.

No one can ever live life in your shoes. Your life and your experiences are yours! No one can take them from you and no one can give you a perfect advice. Speaking of advice, we had talked about the 6 kinds of people who advice us and who we should rely on. We know that the empathetic ones are the way to go. 6 kinds of people who advice us and who we should rely on. We know that the empathetic ones are the way to go.

Don’t trust either of them, but know that an opinion need not mean a judgement

5) The optimist

There is always a fair balance in life. Just the optimist or just the pessimist won’t do. And I don’t want to get started on the so-called realists who use it as an excuse. There is nothing called an optimist or a pessimist or even a realist

But you are going to need a balanced view of the negative people, positive people and the neutral ones too. They are going to tell you that anything is possible and they are also going to tell you that nothing is going to be easy. Well isn’t that the truth?

Well, these are a few thoughts about dealing with negative people in life. You will also have to find ways to deal with positive people too. They too are quite a pain sometimes 😀 .

But for now, I guess this is all we have about the negative people. Tune in for more 🙂

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  1. Well… you can argue with them, it will be fun, play a game try to win over their points, take a bet, prove them wrong… negative people can be a motivation to prove that things can work too!!

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