5 Joys of Writing a Postcard

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A Postcard!

Writing as most bloggers agree is a thing of passion which unites all us bloggers. As I look at these postcards sitting on my desk, it brings a faint smile on my lips as I recall the good old days where birthdays meant that people would send you cards. These cards were never too fancy, they were simple words, notes to say that these people remembered us which made our days special, made us feel that this day was important not only for us but for them also as they took the time and effort to show it so.

I realise that times have changed a bit now, live chats are extremely common, phones and of course video calls. But somewhere, a part of me seems to cling on to the reverie of the good old days. And as sit here at my desk today writing the postcards, I find a sense of satisfaction which leads me to this post about the 5 joys of writing a postcard.

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5 Joys of writing a postcard


As always, we start with the WHY. Once we have answer to that, the HOWs are much easier. A postcard is a way of telling someone that you remembered them when you were there. It is not just about telling them that you remembered them, but you also made sure that you bought a postcard, wrote on it, found a post office to send out a memory. In a way, it is about telling someone that you missed them.

And that is one emotion which people should not miss out on hearing.


What should go in a postcard. The beauty of this is it is a simple picture with a story associated with it. All you got to do is to write the story or what that place is or why it is special for you. What aspect of it made you remember the person you are writing this to.

A Memory!

Messages are easy to erase and they are sometimes easily forgotten as well. But a card is a constant memory, it evokes an emotion from the person receiving it. There is a certain beauty in looking at your postbox and seeing  something addressed in your name, a memory – a card just to say that you were remembered.

A Call for Action?

Sometimes the most beautiful things about these cards is that it evokes something from the other side as well. Once you get into the habit of writing postcards, it also builds a group for you to collect and send out cards. A pleasant action to be a part of.


Having said all of this, who should you send out the cards to? – Well I would say, anyone would fit the bill here. Someone you remember, a pen pal, a friend you don’t meet very often, someone you miss and so on.

It is never a bad time to say that you remember someone in a good way. And for me, it is always a delight to read a post card addressed in my name.

Of course I am a little more lazy at writing it. But always a nice habit to have 🙂

Well, that’s all I have got. Is there something I have missed? Please do let me know, it is a thing of joy to share, the more reasons we find, the merrier 🙂

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8 thoughts on “5 Joys of Writing a Postcard

  1. When we were in school, we used to send postcards to our friends in summer vacations, create greetings cards with paints and glitters on new years. Gone are those golden days. No one has the time to write a postcard and little do people value handmade greeting cards when you have Archies. 🙁

    1. Yeah.. :(. True that, those days were so good, people used to actually write something inside, not just dear ____ and a signature below. They used to have so much more meaning and depth in them.

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