5 Joys Of Talking To A Stranger

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5 Joys Of Talking To A Stranger

You are waiting in a long queue. The boredom has hit you so bad, you see the starting point of the queue and wonder “when the hell would be your turn.” You look behind to see how many people are feeling the same like you. When you are busy convincing your sad mind state you notice a neighboring person smiling at you, you try to spread your sealed lips with a hesitated smile ” who is he? A Stranger!” Now the dilemma begins, “Should I talk to him?… Hmmm…..Naaaah! I better remain silent” You turn your head and go back to the boredom state you were in.

Have you felt something like this? How about the time when you are at a social gathering and you find it awkward talking to a stranger. For me, for you and for many others it’s the same kind of questions that runs in minds. I agree, talking to a strange doesn’t come as easily as it sounds. It can be uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. But hey! Why worry about the things that might bother us instead lets focus n the joys it can bring us.

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Here are the 5 joys talking to a stranger can bring you.

You become a charmer:

star of the show, well done, perfectAnd who doesn’t like a charmer? Not the charmer who manipulates people, but the one who makes everyone love him. Someone who can attract others with his smile, personality, grace, charisma…Wouldn’t it feel good to meet someone like that? Imagine how would it feel if you are one of that kind?

Yes! Taking an initiate, some effort to talk to someone does really add charm to your personality. It’s like spreading your aura to people. It helps you make some mistakes, it helps you learn from the same mistakes, to learn what works and what doesn’t with talking to strangers, it helps making you a charmer of the lot. After all practice makes a man perfect. 😀

Increase in network


black-orange-men-cloud“Oh! So you studied in ABC school and you were XYZ’s classmate, and XYZ is my friend. Aaah! Such a small world! We are all connected.” Yeah! Talking to strangers often links you with people whom you already know, if not, then you now know one more person in this world. World is sure a big place, unfamiliar and scary at times, but all thanks to connections and people, world does seem small and familiar.

You meet a new person, you establish a relation, sometimes just acquaintances, sometimes you might reach up to becoming friends and you never know it might even turn into a family. New people bring new joy, new happiness and not to mention set of new people. And these connections make things and life a little easier.

Better understanding of emotions

Chrisdesign-Glossy-Smiley-Set-3The more you listen, the more you respond effectively, the more you respond effectively, the more attractive you become as a person. When you meet strangers you meet people with different moods and emotions. When you try to identify that and respond properly to them you are helping yourself to understand people better. You are gifting a brilliant gift of understanding emotions. You are valuing it and trying to bring your best to make the other person feel good.

It inspires you

vcollet-Gauntlet“If we both exchange one rupee, we have one rupee. But if we both exchange one good thought, we have two good thoughts.”– Swami Vivekananda.

Every person you meet carries something to inspire you. It might be his smile which asks you to smile often, or his kindness which asks you be kind, might be his eyes which tell you how honest even you can be or might be his life story which motivates you. There are hundreds of things to motivate you if only you know the art of picking them from him.

At the end of every conversation ask yourself “What the person has that made you feel nice about him.” And ta-da that’s what can be used as your inspiration to be better.

You feel good

Happy-Cloud-Coloring-BookAnd that’s exactly why most of us do what we do, TO FEEL GOOD. You might feel good because the stranger helped you kill your boredom or might feel good because you could sense he was happy talking to you, the reason might be any. In the end you will feel good, to have made an attempt to smile at someone, to have made an attempt to talk to them, to have made an attempt to be patient enough to listen to them or to have made an attempt to make their day a little better. “To have made an attempt” in itself will make you happy.

Break out the shackles, spread your aura,  talk to the stranger beside you, you never know what surprise he has for you 🙂

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14 thoughts on “5 Joys Of Talking To A Stranger

  1. It is really interesting and fun to talk to strangers. Though I was a very sigh guy, but since I started blogging I started talking to strangers as well and slowly-slowly I am becoming good at it too…

    1. I agree Alok. I think it is fantastic talking to people, learning about them, knowing what inspires them and what keeps them going. It makes us feel so connected and sometimes makes us realize that there is so much of energy in the world we can embrace. It sure is a delightful feeling :)..

      You are more than good at it Alok, I remember the first time we spoke, it felt so much at ease and so comfortable 🙂

  2. Loved that quote by Swamiji 🙂 but I have seen m no good at initiating conversation with strangers.. Generally don’t get good response when I try to play light 🙁

  3. Wonderful post, Vidya 🙂 Talking to strangers is very common in rural India but I am not confident to do the same in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru… But, recently, I felt good when a family from Kalburgi (Gulbarga) offered to adjust with me sharing half of a seat in a bus and conversed with me… Felt really strange when a lady seated in the back seat informed me about the empty seat by her side. Probably, she had noticed I was managing in the half seat. While talking to her, she informed about the frequency of buses in that route too! This incident has definitely given me confidence 🙂

    1. I am completely with you on this Sindhoo. Even I have observed this whenever I go to the rural regions, people are so friendly, chatty and warm. And most times they really insist you visit their home to have dinner or lunch with them.

      Aah, that sounds like an amazing experience. Thanks so much for sharing it here Sindhoo 🙂

      I think the last time I faced something like this was when I was coming back from Delhi, a 2 day train journey. The whole compartment was so friendly that we ended up sharing more than a journey together. So many memories :)..

  4. Haha Awesome post 🙂 I cant count the number of times when talking to a stranger saved me from trouble! Wait 😮 that gave me my next idea for a blog post 😀 .. Keep the great content coming!

  5. The best part talking to strangers is that they are not judgemental, and even if they are who is bothered 🙂

    1. He he.. Completely spot on mate. I think it is always easier to get a completely objective view from a stranger as opposed to a friend. When we are with friends, it becomes difficult to get a completely open view cos they do not want to hurt us and it might not be very easy not to take it personally.

      When it comes to strangers, since the expectations are very low, the outcome is a lot more bearable and easier too 🙂

  6. Great post Vidya… Yes , for one they are not judgemental and second is – you get rare nuggets of wisdom (as wisdom comes even to the plainest and the commonest when they are not judgemental or emotionally attached to a situation )Loved it 🙂

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