5 Joys Of Reading Great Books

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

-Stephen King

why read book, benefits of reading, benefits from books, practice of reading, joys in readingReading is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves. Open  a book and you have hundreds of things waiting for you. A few to make you smile, a few to make you emotional, a few to inspire you and a few also go to an extent to surprise you. What all wonders a book of a few pages can make. It takes the highest pride in shaping our attitude and promises us to offer mostly the good things with every book that we read.

As a mark of gratitude let’s try to appreciate the bundle of joy and happiness. To help you with it, we are listing the 5 joys a great book can bring you.


You will travel places you never dreamt of

aBooks make you travel without moving your feet. Books take you to the places you dreamt of and the places which you never knew if it existed. Books are the great source of time travel, it takes to the times which are a part of history today, it takes you to heaven, hell and also to all kinds of fantasy lands. Books introduce you to people of different culture, traditions and not to forget the gods and the demons.

So, the next time when you can’t afford enough money to make it to the trip, don’t feel sad. Grab a book, turn on your imagination and visit the places. You never know, the place what you saw with a book might be more beautiful than the actual place.

You have an amazing company always

2006-01-21_Ring_of_love-2A guaranteed friendship for a lifetime. Who offers such kind of deals these days?

They are easily accessible at all times, they are the clowns when you want them make you laugh, they are the actors when you want them to entertain you, they are the wisest counsellors for your problems, and they are the motivators for your growth. They are this, they are that and sometimes they are everything too- a friend for a lifetime.

Knowledge is free, free, free…

Free-download“Anything good + it comes free?” what an exciting offer.

Books give you information, it enhances your intellect, increases your brainpower. Books can also take a tough initiative to ignite your slumbering mind to take action. oh! The many roles a few pages can take and the many benefits you can take out of it. And the best of all is that it grooms you to be more beautiful, you have to believe me on this because the world appreciates this kind of beauty and “knowledge is beautiful.”

So, whenever you get a chance, grab a book. Knowledge is free here and all you need to have is  a container.

You lose your mind

DIGITAL CAMERAYes! You heard me right, “You lose your mind.” With a book, you go to an all new world where your tensions, stress, disappointments, sadness and all the emotions that affect you badly rest in peace. How nice would it feel to escape the reality for a few minutes and drown in a world of authors fantasy?

Books which can help you to discover yourself.

You discover yourself.

Search-Find-ZoomYou have a high probability of meeting the unknown YOU. The characters and the stories you read relates to you in some way or the other, you can relate so well that at times it makes you wonder what would you do if you were in a similar situation. It helps you discover your inner-self, your deep voice that would dare you to do the things which scared you once, things that would make you realize your worth and the things that assure how much more you have in you.

“There are countless reasons for reading, but when you are young and uncertain of your identity, of who you may be, one of the most compelling is the quest to discover yourself reflected in the pages of a book.”

 -Michael Cart

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6 thoughts on “5 Joys Of Reading Great Books

  1. Very well said Vinay. You have listed five good reasons to read books and I would say there are 500 reasons for which one could read books and see the whole world through the books.

  2. Nicely written post Vidyashree. Really super liked it. The most popular blog post of my blog is also on the benefits of reading. And I am a big fan of reading.

    1. Thank you Alok. Books are the great source of knowledge, and it is helping us a lot to write blogposts 🙂 Good to know about your blog on the same topic. I would like to read it. I am right away going to your site 🙂

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