5 Joys in Congratulating Someone

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5 Joys and Reasons To Congratulate

‘Congratulations’ is probably one of the most heard or used words. No matter how often you hear that word, you aren’t sure whether it is a genuine one and more often you think whether you should really congratulate someone. It has become a routine, when someone talks about their achievements or something nice that happened to them we spontaneously react with “Congratulations.” Very few times we actually give a thought on why we are congratulating or why we actually congratulate a person. To make your effort easier here are the 5 reasons to congratulate someone and the 5 joys it brings to you.

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  • Taking a step to boost your relationship

What’s the joy in accomplishing something and not sharing with the ones you feel like sharing? And what’s the joy in finding the other person not appreciative enough? Have you experienced the displeasure it brings? Even in the relationships which are at the budding stage, when the other person doesn’t appreciate your accomplishments, it leads to disappointments.

When we know how it feels when someone disappoints us, how could we be so insensitive to do the same to others? Let’s make an effort to appreciate, congratulate all from our heart, it’s like a relationship supplement. You are adding that extra to your relationship to enhance its level, it’s a sure mantra to make the other person happy.

  • All the more reason to be happy

A simple equation. You congratulate someone, they are happy to hear that and you are happy to see them happy because of you. So with all these happy, happy and happy you end up becoming happy.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, lets spread the fragrance of happiness,

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”

There you go, you now have a reason to be happy, for someone or for yourself for being so nice to someone.

  • As you sow, so shall you reap.

Let me put this simple. What goes around comes back around.

I am not saying you to congratulate people only because they will do the same to you. No, no, keeping the selfish reason aside let’s think on this. It feels good when someone appreciates you and understands your generosity of appreciating them in spite of your differences.

And, of course, the same holds good for love, people will love when you love them. I agree, intensities, levels, degrees and all the measuring units might differ in the amount of love you both give to each other, but it’s ok! Let’s not measure equality here, let’s not focus on what we are giving instead let’s focus and appreciate on what we are getting.

  • You become a bigger person

No! It’s not what you are thinking. It’s not about how great you feel compared to the other person, it’s about how bigger you are compared to your ego. Sometimes it’s good to let down your ego and do something which people appreciate and eventually you will appreciate your decision to let down your ego.

  • Because………… It makes you a better person.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

With every good thing, you do to yourself or someone you become better.

If you give a serious thought on why to congratulate someone, you will have hundreds of reasons, I have listed only 5 of those as a generalisation. A reason might be to uplift confidence in someone, a reason to end the differences, a reason to light up somebody’s day, a reason to spread your goodness, a reason to learn from someone, a reason to start a conversation, a reason to make a friend. Oh, there are plenty of it. Let’s make an effort to find the reason to appreciate someone and let’s make an effort to congratulate.

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  1. Love, love, absolutely loved this post ! I can relate to every sentence in this post. And saying congratulations does make me happy ^_^ and no doubts that its one step towards letting down our ego ! 🙂

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