3D Modelling for Online Shopping!

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The era of shopping changed completely from the time Amazon has redefined online shopping. The website has gone beyond a simple book shop to something incredible now. You can buy literally anything on the internet of late and it can be delivered to your house within the end of the day. And you don’t even have to move a muscle to make this happen – pretty incredible I would say.

Main Image Abof

Of late, e-commerce in India has gone beyond that an all inclusive website like amazon or flipkart and a recent tendency is towards specialised websites which do exclusive options. And no wonder, shopping is on the top list. Apart from the most popular competitors like Myntra, Trendin which offer the usual stuff – Abof, a new and upcoming business has come up with an innovative approach with 3D modelling to try on the dresses.

One of the challenges I had when buying the dresses is that different companies having different fits. Most times, the clothes that would arrive on time, but the fit would be a bit weird. This would cause an immense challenging in calling the call centre, mailing them and explaining why I have to return it. It was rather a bit annoying and challenging to prove that it wasn’t the best thing for me. And I guess this is where the 3D modelling and the fit would come into place. Not that it is going to solve all the problems in the world, but it sure is a great start that we get to try before we buy.

3D ImageA strong challenge in the e-shopping was the inability to see how it looks on us and if it matches our shape. On Abof, you can even define your size and shape and see how the clothes fit. You can try combinations of clothes and get an idea about how the dress looks on you and you can take a decision whether to buy or not.

I found it pretty cool that online shopping has taken on a new route. Gone are the days when we have to get to the centre of the city, look for a parking spot, walk a little further to the shop, spend ages in trying to look at various options, then seeing if they have different colours and jump to a different shop since the number of choices are limited. These online aggregators provide a huge advantage for the new, e-customer making life easier. 3D modelling is a great way to go ahead – making lifestyle simple 🙂

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