13 Beautiful Inspirational Love Quotes : The True Purpose, Meaning and The Beauty Of Love

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Inspirational Love Quotes

This was perhaps one of the most challenging research for us considering that there are quite a few cheesy amount of love quotes out there. Nevertheless, we really loved doing this post cos this sure is something which we can all relate to – the true essence and meaning of love.

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What is Love? 

Well, we sure have a lot of definitions for this. But if you ask us –

– Love is bliss, it is innocence, tranquility, peace, smiles and happiness

– Love is stupidity, excitement, naughty, fun, mystery, curiosity and also a bit cranky

– Love is gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness and grace

– Love is beauty, passion, romance, creativity and simplicity.

– Love is support, understanding, your doubts and insecurities and above all it is about togetherness

– Love is hope, inspiration, motive for our lives and above all – Love is you, me and everyone and everything in your life! 

Love is a lot more things than we talk about here, but before I sound too poetic, I guess it is time we talk about what we do best – The emotions of love and the inspirational love quotes and deciphering their true meaning.

13 Inspirational Love Quotes, Love sayings and their meanings

1) “You don’t need someone to complete  you. You only need someone to accept you completely”

Inspiring Love Quotes 1It is often a question when I ask the single ones why they want to be in a relationship and the most common answer is – I don’t want to be lonely. I need someone to complete me.

Although I agree that it is a very good answer, I still wonder if we look at the other end of the question. If we are looking for someone to complete us, shouldn’t we also look at completing someone else, shouldn’t we look at life as a little more giving than receiving?

And I think it is fair that we look at love more as acceptance than as a hunt for endless qualities to complete a list of characteristics or personality traits which we may think work the best for us.

2) “You come to love not by finding the perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

Inspiring Love Quotes 2I guess we all have lofty ideas about love, what we expect our perfect partner to be and how they should behave and respond to us.

Although all of it is fair, we also have to see that if we are looking at a situation where every damn thing on earth is perfect, we may never get there. Not because we are stupid, it is just that we are searching for something which doesn’t exist.

Then again, it is in these beautiful imperfections we see the true essence of love – not in judging what is not perfect about them, but in understanding how perfectly it gels with us and how much more meaningful our lives become because of them.

3) I am a strong person but every now and then I need someone to take my hand and say “Everything will be alright”

Inspiring Love Quotes 3I know it sounds weird to call love weak, but truth is love in itself isn’t weak. We all are human and we all have our weak phases of life. And we all need that soothing someone with whom we can be our true self.

Love is to accept the true nature and understand that we all can be weak and it is perfectly natural to be so. And we all feel overwhelmed and we all feel like doubting ourselves. But the beauty of love is not in accepting defeat but in finding ways to make life better.

And aren’t we all trying to do that and these inspirational love quotes are right there on the top of us as a beacon of light to take us ahead.

4) “If you love someone you must be prepared to set them free”

Inspiring Love Quotes 4We all feel possessive, we feel jealous and we also feel insecure. And we want to have our love all for ourselves, so much so that sometimes we end up crossing the line and trespassing the boundary of freedom.

It is never easy to set someone completely free. There is always a fear looming at the back of our head – “What if they don’t come back?”

Truth is, the more you give in to the fear, the more real it can get. When you do something like that, you bring out the weakest part of you and try to control everything around you so that you feel more secure and confident.

But nothing worthwhile in life was ever realized without overcoming that fear and the fear is a signal as to how much this person means to you. At the same time, the fear also means that freedom is the ultimate form of love and the more we love someone, the more we let them be who they are. There is no point in trying to fine tune someone for our needs, we need to grow that much to accept that the life of unison is also the life of freedom.

5) “Love is an act of endless forgiveness – a tender look which becomes a habit”

Inspiring Love Quotes 5We are not here to keep scores and maintain a ledger as to who went wrong and how many times. We are here to understand that there is a lot more to life when we move past the minor challenges.

And love is a great form of forgiveness. When you are with someone, you are bound to make mistakes, they are bound to make mistakes and sometimes mistakes are bound to happen without that being your fault.

But sometimes, a mistake is just a mistake – you might just have to talk about what it means to you and that is it. There is no point in digging it further and trying to settle scores.

You are not competing with anyone here and if you are, you really are headed to a deep chasm. None of these love sayings would make any sense if we were to do that.

6) “Love is asking – “How are you” even when you are angry”

Inspiring Love Quotes 6Now isn’t that a cute love quote?!

People say – Getting angry is a form of love. I only get angry on people who I really care for, for everyone else – I have apathy.

But it so happens that somethings are bigger than your or my anger. And that is your happiness, your smile and your beautiful life.

We are bound to get angry, cos there are and will be plenty of issues to work on to develop a compatibility. But again, it just means that we have to work on something.

Don’t let the anger get the better off you – the relationship is a lot more important than the silly anger – you know that! And if you are someone who gets angry easily – here are 10 creative ways to manage your anger.

7) “You are the only exception! “

Inspiring Love Quotes 7Every rule has an exception and when it comes to love – you must make sure you have a lot of them.

You can’t judge the person you love with the same rules you judge someone else in the world. It is the principle of favoritism and rightly so. This person is special to you and means the world to you and it makes sense that you extend every exception possible.

Granted that there will be minor scuffles along the way, but come on, this person is as important as you are in your life – they deserve a special treatment.

8) “I am not telling you it is going to be easy, but I am telling you that it is going to be worth it! “

Inspiring Love Quotes 8Nothing worthwhile in this world was ever easy. I am sure finding electricity wasn’t very easy for Franklin, and I am sure he had a few shocks in the process as well.

Thing is – the relationships too are not going to be very easy. If you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone, there are bound to be some disagreements, there are bound to be some challenges – some very small and some considerably big.

But truth is – this is a person who means the world to you and if you think they mean that much to you – they certainly are worth everything you got to keep it going.

9) “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”

Inspiring Love Quotes 9Love or life was never in those big things or big gestures like buying the most expensive cars or houses or boats. Although they sure mean something, they are not everything.

It is those small moments of seeing a rainbow together or going on a long tireless walk, just waiting for an opportunity to make your better half smile and the anticipation in their face, the expression of surprise and so many other things which make you smile and feel connected to this person.

Count these little things, note them down each time you smile. Before you know – there will be so many of them that you will feel that there is a hanger stuck to your mouth.

Love and life is all about these beautiful small moments which we can cherish and take with us. Not just the big things which shake and move the earth. Of all these beautiful love sayings, if I have to pick the best and my favourite, this would be THE ONE.

10) “Love is deaf… You can’t just tell someone you love them, you have to show it”

Inspiring Love Quotes 10Some people seem to think that love is telling, love is words and expressions. But truth is – love is a lot more than that.

Love is in the action and the deed you do for someone else without expecting much in return except their smile or the sense of gratitude. It is doing these things cos you think that it is going to mean a lot to your counterpart.

It is about being there for someone when they need you. It is about going that extra mile to tell them how much they mean to you.

It is not just about texting every 15 mins that you love someone, it is more than that!

11) “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be”

Inspiring Love Quotes 11How is love supposed to be? Is it supposed to be a bed of roses with none of those thorns pricking you?

Is it supposed to be an ideal life with no challenges whatsoever. Is it supposed to be a life on golden platter where nothing ever is going to bother you.

Truth is – we all have a definition of love and we all have a different definition each time. But love is way more powerful than that. It is more than what we expect and also less than some of the unreasonable expectations. Love is more about enjoying and living the moment, appreciating every turn rather than sitting and waiting for a perfect situation to happen.

There will be glitches from  time to time and it is really OK cos it is the person you are in love with – not the situation or the results of these small situations.

12) “Good relations don’t just happen – they take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.”

Inspiring Love Quotes 12People seem to ask the secret of relationships, secret of love and all these beautiful love thoughts of the day.

But good relations are not ready made – they don’t come from a factory where it is checked for all variations with an * saying – tested under ideal conditions.

They come with challenges, they come with question marks and sometimes even compromises too.


13) “To live and love is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist that’s all! “

Inspiring Love Quotes 12And come on, when you say you are in love with someone, it exposes you to getting hurt, it exposes you to a lot of uncertainty and fear.

But at the same time it is absolutely wonderful as well. It is better to have lived and loved than living it in imagination and finding reasons for why something might have worked or not.

We are masters of rationalization, but we are also smart and we know that truth is beyond all these rationalizations.

So.. Go out! Make those mistakes, be wrong, for it is only one life you have and that is all you need!

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  1. Truly a nice blog Vinay. I must say I was not expecting anything better than this on the season of love 🙂 Although all the quotes are really good, though my favorite one is “You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely”

    1. Thank you Alok :).. I liked that one too Alok, I think before loving someone else, we need to love ourself – only then can we give love to someone else. Or else love becomes a pure expectation and less of reality and completion..

  2. Yay … so good to read such a love filled post Vinay :)Loved each of the quotes with special mention to 3,4 and 8 …
    One from my teenager wale times “Love is not looking at each other , but looking together in the same direction ” 🙂

    1. Thank you Kokila. I guess this is my first love filled post 😀 . I have always been about pushing or rushing into things. Somehow for the first time I feel that there is a relaxed post from my end. And I really found these quotes on love very inspirational 🙂

  3. I liked this quote Chakrapani, Alone but not lonely is a beautiful thing to say. I dont think many people would be very comfortable saying that. But there sure is a lot of beauty in self contentment.

    1. Thank you Kinjal, happy you liked the collection. Please do let us know if you think we have missed any which you think our readers will benefit from. It would be my absolute pleasure to update our list 🙂

  4. Its realy really wonderful post.in this quotes each and every line sooooo true..I agree also and I loved it…

  5. Its really really wonderful thoughts/quotes..in this quotes each and every line reality of life I think that after read all this quotes… I really feel happy after reading…

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