10 Simplistic Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Comfort Zone:

comfort zone definition, what is a comfort zone, description of comfort zone, comfort zone
Comfort Zone – Picture Courtesy Pixabay.com

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the picture?

  • Cozy
  • Blissful
  • Happy
  • Contented
  • Joyous
  • Satisfied

And so many other such beautiful words which make life feel so simple, breezy and easy. Well, that precisely defines what a comfort zone is. If you ask for the definition of a comfort zone, you have pretty much nailed it with this picture – there is nothing more to say about it, it is the zone where we are at our best, where things in our life seem to work our way around and everything is hunky dory and no wonder we fall in love with it. And that is comfort zone for you where you don’t have to worry about too many things, where you don’t have to do anything that pushes you out and makes you go out of your way.

But then there is another definition of comfort or satisfaction which brings out a burning desire for change within, which gets you the feeling that something is amiss – even though things seem to be working alright, you feel that you were capable of so many things and you are somehow limiting yourself and not too happy about it and if I may say – a bit uncomfortable about the comforts in your life. And this is when we are hitting the negative connotation of comfort zone. It is the time we decide to get out of it and turn our life around. But we realise that there is a very strong feeling which keeps pulling us back and a moral conscience which asks you to achieve more and do something more meaningful – Now you have defined the dilemma of every person who wants to have something completely different without doing anything different in approach or the effort he puts in.

I sound a little harsh when I say that don’t I? But I kinda have a hatred towards that cos I feel that I have pulled myself back from the many things I wanted to do just cos it seemed a little hard at the start. With that thought in mind, we decide to come up with this post about the 10 simplistic ways to get out of the comfort zone and start living life at the edge you desire to get the results you really deserve

1.Define yourself!

Really, it all starts with that – define who you are, identify what you have done all your life and what comes naturally to you. Identify all those things which you are naturally good at or the acquired skills which you think set you in a very ‘Easy’ position. And that is your comfort zone! The first step to literally anything is identifying the problem and the next quite naturally is —– Well you got it – DENYING IT!

We all are pretty good at telling ourselves the LIES and these can be the good lies or the bad lies. We define the good lies as the ones which bring you closer to your goals – the ones which say that it is going to get easier from the next moment or an unknown genie is going to come to your help cos help is always available for the ones who are really committed. And these are some really good lies. The bad lies are the ones which make you feel horrible and distract you from your desires – these are the lies which tell you that you absolutely suck, the ones who tell you that you should quit when you have hit the first bump and so on.

So, quit all that and tell yourself what you truly feel. Everyone believes whatever you are going to say. From my experience I understand that people are very kind and forgiving and they usually buy whatever justifiable lie you are telling or atleast they pretend to do so. But they don’t stand to lose much of these lies about the comfort zone, the only person who stands to lose big is you and me, so lets just strip down those levels and come clean to just simply define what our comfort zone is!

2. What holds you back?

what holds you back, holding back from success, holding back from risks in life
What holds you back – pixabay.com

Remember, comfort zone is not all bad – it has some amazing things to offer. It tells you what your strengths are, how capable you are. The comfort zone gives you confidence about your capacities and dreams in life and has really brought you a long way in life. The trick here is to identify the ones which have not pushed you all the way to where you want to be and to identify what in that comfort zone holds us back. Maybe we are lazy, maybe we are needy or maybe we are just focused on our weaknesses than strengths. But almost certainly there is usually something that holds us back. Find that out, dig deep into yourself, ask your friends and family or maybe your enemies too – sometimes they are the best ones to give you some very honest feedback 🙂

3. What Will You Need?

Once you identify the first two – identify what all you need to get out of the comfort zone to achieve the goal you want to achieve. Recognise if it is money, friends or guidance or contacts which will get you to the place where you want to. Understand the props that can make this a success for you. Maybe you need a coach or a loan or someone standing at your back challenging you and pushing you out of your zen zone. Satisfaction is an amazing thing and so is dissatisfaction – identify that person who can push you without discouraging you. It can be a friend or an enemy or this site, we would love to keep a constant tab cos we are equally crazy about the brilliance of our WILLS!

But you have to identify what you need and that is the one great way ahead.

4. Feel Bad about yourself!

I know that everyone tells you to feel good about yourself. Nobody wants you to feel bad and they are always there to tell you that you are great, you are fun and you have all the skills that you need. But truth is that sometimes you really don’t! Sometimes you really are bad at something and you don’t need any lies, you need to feel a little bad – use that pain as motivation and make something meaningful out of it! 

There is no point in telling that there is no smoke when your entire house is on fire. You need to step out of that self-pity and tell yourself that it really sucks to let yourself slip into a bad behavior!

5. Set your standards.

Setting Standards in life, creating standards, defining rules for yourself

The problem with the comfort zone and acceptance is that we also step into a zone where we are OK with most things happening in our lives. At some point I realised that I was OK with even getting up at 10 in the morning and putting on 5 more kilos. It was only when I saw the weighing machine I felt disgusted about myself and said to myself that “This is not who I am, I am better than this”. So, set your standards, pull the threshold a little closer. You don’t want to start acting only when the disaster strikes. Maybe you can start earlier, maybe you can write down these standards and tell yourself that you are not going to accept anything less than this and it is unacceptable to treat yourself anything lower than that. And we both know that you are way better, don’t we?

6. Make a promise!

After all the high sounding philosophical stuff, we get into the dire basics as to how you can step out of the comfort zone and we start with a promise. And when we say promise – it is not just about telling it to someone you really love and happily forget about it.

When we say promise, it is about writing in a sheet of paper and framing it where everyone can see. It is about telling the people around you that you are going to do that something or you are not going to do that something and give people the freedom to point it out to you and rub it in your face if you don’t follow through. It is asking them to help you to push you no matter what it takes and get yourself out of your bean bag!

7. Ask yourself this one question.

This was something which personally made a major difference when I was starting something new in my life. In fact it has worked every time I have started something new! It was this one question – “Am I doing anything better?”.

And as you might expect the answer most usually used to be NO and I used to go out to do that slightly uncomfortable thing. Sure it didn’t feel great at first, but that is the beauty of habits, you grow into them and you kinda start enjoying them and unknowingly – Wolla, you have stepped out of the comfort zone

8. Pair Up!

pairing up, cocoaching for success, coaching for success, friends for success
Pair up for your success – courtesy pixabay.com

You will need a partner, a coach or someone who can keep you on a constant note. You might think that I am repeating the point 6 here, but in this case we mean someone who is doing it with you. Someone who is equally or more serious about this and makes sure that you are out there doing it every day. And for me when I started gymming, it used to be my friend who was absolutely regular and the first thing I would see was a message from him saying what time we would go to the gym.

And even on days when I didn’t want to work out, I simply went out there just cos I didn’t want to disappoint him – the power of working together!

9. Recognise your success

One of the most important reasons people fail is that they fail to identify the simple small successes on the way. Success is usually tied to that one big result that we forget to appreciate the small ones. When we are set out on that six pack abs or the size zero structure, we are so fixated on it that we fail to pat ourselves on the back when we say no to the extra double cream, or when we say NO to dessert or mix our fatty food with a good amount of salads. We fail to smile when we see the sweat on our face as we work out, we fail to gleam with pride when someone says we have lost weight and instead say that we have a long way to go.

Thing is, we all have a long way to go and it is tough, we need not make it that hard after all!

10. Have Fun!

As you guessed it, the last point is always about having fun! It is not worth it if you feel lousy about yourself all the way. There is no point in kicking yourself and painfully proceeding to achieve your goals. We might end up doing it, we might end up succeeding it and reaching the destination we planned for ourselves. But at what cost? It is going to be your success story to talk about, you are not going to bring any joy to it when you remember just those hard times. There is a lot of fun in those little moments and you got to make the most of it cos success as a result alone is way shorter than the journey you took to make it happen!

Well, those were our top 10 thoughts in getting out of the comfort zone. Please do share your thoughts and as always we are up for a good debate, or rather we really really love it :).

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10 thoughts on “10 Simplistic Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. All points are fair enough Vinay ! And I think, can be done too 🙂 But as you know so well about individual choices, do you know, pairing -up rarely suits me:( Somehow I end up making the other person lazy too 😛
    SO its me, myself and me alone :/
    But I DO agree 😀

  2. Mostly we all know what exactly holds us back and we procrastinate around it. But yes we need to get the better of our laziness, Couldn’t help smiling after reading Kokila’s point about making the other person lazy too. .

  3. Totally loved the fifth and sixth points ! It is very important to set up standards and make promises to oneself ! Now everytime I think its Ok that its happening then i am going to put a full stop to it by saying “This is not who I am, I am better than this” ! Loved the post!

  4. Inspiring indeed. All the points you have mentioned are really motivating and easy to implement in busy life. Sometimes, such inspirational words become like sermons, so we often tend to ignore them after reading, but you have made them easy to imbibe and adapt. Great post. Thank you for spreading these words. 🙂

  5. Hmm! Comfort Zone. A majority of us are there no doubt. Just like someone has a graduate degree such as B.A., B’Com, B.Sc. etc., perhaps people also have CBH, CJS. Getting out of these is the most difficult job. Getting to 8th point straight away would sometimes become easy for those who cannot follow the first few points.

    Nice post Vinay.

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