10 reasons why you should write an angry letter

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What does it take to make you angry? More importantly, what does it take to calm you down. One of the tested ways to control anger is to write an angry letter. Don’t worry, we are not advising you to antagonize the person who irritated you, we are trying to identify how it helps to write a letter. Here are 10 reasons as to why writing an angry letter helps.

1. A great stress release

It lets your emotions go, you needn’t worry about hurting someone or not, all you need to do is have a pen and paper and start writing nasty things

2. You don’t hold on for anger long

Anger is a temporary phenomenon, it is a response to a hurt, there is no point in harbouring a long term negativity to it, the smaller the duration of anger, the better you are at being caustic to yourself

3. You’re sure you have a listener

Well with a pen and paper, the listener is not going to storm off. You are sure that no matter what you say, you have a listener and you don’t have to sugar coat words

4. Helps you think more reasonably

Writing is a beautiful tool, it helps organize your thoughts and bring in a well rounded argument, brings out a logical connection and establishes a better thought pattern.

5. Peace with self

What is left after your anger has a vent? The one thing left behind is your equilibrium and that in other words is peace

6. There is no heated argument

Well, you don’t have to worry about picking a fight, there is no opponent for you

7. No violence

Well no heated argument means no violence and no physical conflicts

8. Hatred is smaller when you lash out

The beauty of anger is the emotion it brings along, contained anger can very well lead to hatred, since you are nipping it in the bud, there is not much you have to worry about

9. There is no lasting soreness

Since you haven’t lost your cool, you realize all the negative thoughts and energy was in your mind and it has a way out now lending way out for your true self which is bigger than the smaller emotions

10. Helps you identify what is more important

The one question that trumps all in a situation is what is more important – the person or your emotion which is a temporary one. It gives you enough time to realize the consequences of this action and whether you should actually lash out.

 Most importantly, we recommend writing the letter, but NEVER EVER POST IT! The letter is a way for you to take care of your emotions and not for the other person to find out. This is very much based on Abraham Lincoln  used to do. The man was very famous for his nasty letters but was big enough to understand how important the person was over the situation and all those letters remained locked in his desk. Maybe it is for us to take a cue from it and realize the purpose of the letter – It is to offer you a vent, not make the other person feel miserable. It is best where it belongs, either the desk or burnt up cos anger like we say is still a temporary emotion.



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    1. 🙂 . Oh yes Anita, Lincoln was quite famous for it. In fact there was a recent report in the New York Times when they talk about Lincoln and his anger and his letters. Quite an interesting read. This is also spoken of in the book – How to Win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

      Quite a character 🙂

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