10 Reasons Why You Should Read THE ALCHEMIST

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I have always been fascinated by this book and certainly would recommend as one of the best books of the generation to read and relate to. Something which every dreamer possesses in his heart is the true spirit and the book just helps you get in touch with that person inside of us. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should read the book. 

1)      Follow the dreams

Any day, I would say that this is one of the most perfect books about a dream, how to chase one, the challenges you face and how you react to them, the thoughts of sacrificing a dream for comfort and then fighting back for it all of which encapsulates itself into a story of a shepherd on a treasure hunt!

2)      Don’t be afraid of failure

Failures are a part of no matter what you decide to do. Some decide to call it failure, some decide to call it a setback, some don’t even notice it cos they are too busy making amends for it. No matter what you call them or don’t call them, they are there and they have a purpose – to set you back on your dream, not to distract you, not unless you let them.

3)      Every single experience helps

When things don’t go your way, you gain something, when they do – you gain something. At some point your life experiences, the theoretical knowledge merge together to become the very definition of you – who you are as a person and the actions you take. That defines how close you get to your dreams and passions

4)      Learning at all stages of life

No  matter what you do in life, there are experiences some of which you will love, some of which you won’t. But something very common in each of these experiences is that they have something to tell you if you are willing to listen carefully, something to redefine you, chisel you into the beautiful monument you deserve to be.

5)      Don’t give up; don’t ever give up

Well there will be lots of opportunities in life to give up, the reasons will be far more justifiable with time and the exits also very comfortable. But none of these will stand in comparison to you chasing your dream. The sheer passion, the perseverance of the chase is much more than the many distractions you will find on the path of your life.

6)      Sometimes it’s ok to be unsure as long as you pursue your dreams

More than 50% of  the time most of us don’t even know what we are doing, we do it based on an intuition, on an omen on a gut feeling. But something that takes care of all these is the undaunted desired to be at what you want, the real dream. As long as you are in the path, it will take care of you as much as you will take care of it.

7)      Leaves you with a thought to focus on your dreams

The best of the books in the world are the ones which make you think, which make you reflect and relate your life to the protagonist of the story. And this makes you feel exactly like that. It leaves you with a thought, it lets you fondle your thoughts, care for them, try experimenting with them and finally making a path for them.

8)      Shows the importance of belief

The one thing stronger than your effort is the belief in yourself and the belief in the dream. The pursuit fills you with energy as long as you are willing to replenish it with your beliefs, the hopes and the dreams.

9)      Makes you realize that journey to reach the destiny shapes you.

At an objective end, at some point though it makes you feel that isn’t the protagonist geographically where he started? But something that doesn’t catch us is that it is not the same man, it is the man who has been shaped to reach his destiny, the earlier one was a raw form and it took that amount of effort to make him worthy of the destiny. It is not just that the dream is worthy of us, we have to do our part too.

10)  Sometimes just to realize you are close to the dream you should go to through the entire process

Sometimes we never really know how close we are to the dream, we don’t know what all it is going to take for us to reach there. But one thing we know is that we want it and we want to go the extra mile to make it happen. Sometimes just to realize how close we are, what we are worthy of in itself is a great success to reach the prize of your dream.

All these and more thoughts as you read THE ALCHEMIST. If you are interested, here are a couple of links which help you pick it up.



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  1. This is the book which transformed my life, boosted confidence in me. Despite of very poor condition I am able to focus on studies, got job in vizag steel plant and preparing for civil services now.

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