10 reasons Why You Should Read How I Braved Anu Aunty And Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company

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One of my recent reads was this book by Varun Agarwal, a 20 something Engineer who breaks out of the norm of finding a job in a software company, talks about the challenges in his life, how he overcame them, the societal pressures, the monetary ones, the family ones and so on. It is as if the challenges never seem to end and he makes sure that there is a great sense of humour all through the book guaranteed to make you laugh. Above all, it is a book which every 20 something person would relate to. Amongst a lot of other things, these are the top 10 reasons we came up with as to why you should read this book.

1) You need not be a topper to make your mark

– Well, it has been taught all our lives that good marks get us good jobs and good jobs to better social acceptance and then family, marriage, kids, societal respect.. bla bla blaaa… But what if I don’t want to follow the herd? What if I want to make a difference. What if I want to do something which I can proudly say that it is mine, no matter how small it is. Well, you are going to find an answer for this.

2) You can change your life whenever you want.

-It is not that once you are given a life and a set of choices, you have to stay with them no matter what! We are living in a new era now, the 21st century where you can go out and make a change in a day, where you can say you are fed up of your job, resign and start a company the next. There is nothing that is going to stand in the way of your will and if you are fed up of the way your life is going, there is always a way to become the anchor of your change, you don’t need to wait for something BIG to happen.

3) Believe in dreams

– Well, it does sound cliched but it is true no matter how many times we say it. You have to believe in your dreams cos no one else will do that for you. Given a chance most people in the society would like to throw rocks at you, not that they have a hatred but just for the fun of it. A new idea is rarely respected till you make it a success which makes it all the more imperative, you gotta believe in your dreams cos trust me, no one else will!

4) Entrepreneur guidance

– If you are an entrepreneur, if you want to start something new, the book has it all for you. The book talks about the emotions you go through, the challenges right from money to parental support, societal acceptance, social rejection, getting a date, making a date work and so on… You will get someone who talks to you all through the process.

5) Dare enough to do what you dream

– All of us have dreams, only some of us venture out to make them happen and in that some of them do it successfully. What separates the three types of people? Is it the hunger? Perspiration? Hard Work? Strategies? Belief? Well the reasons may be plenty but not a single part of the dream is going to happen till you make the first move. DARE!

6) Dream, dream more

-A dream is a continuous process. It is not a one stop thing where you achieve something and that is the end of it. The beauty of a dream is that it brings along with itself a whole new load of them, a new set of opportunities and challenges and the more success you get, the more opportunities you get to succeed. You may have a very simplistic idea to start with, but as the dream grows, you grow and so do the opportunities to make them happen. You don’t have all answers when you start, that’s cos there are new questions that will arise, questions better than the ones you had before.

7) If you want to do something great then you’ll have to do the things which aren’t that great 

– Well, we all love the flamboyant, sophisticated part of the dream. Well the truth is, in order to get there, you got to do the dirty deed as well. It is not going to be easy, you would have to come down from your high horse. Well, in order to do something you like, you will also have to do some things you don’t like as well.

8) Don’t care for the tags the society gives you

– The society has always been an interesting construct, it ridicules you, cajoles you, makes you want to come at it, makes you want to say how stupid it is. But you got to let it pass, the society on its own has never done something, nor it will ever do something. It is your life, the society is going to come around. It is like Gandhi said, first they oppose you, then they respect you and then they want to be you. It is society’d way of testing how strong you are.

9) You will face lot of Anu aunties whose interference will help you crave more for your dream.

– Well you will face a lot of people who will try to rain over your parade, give you an exhaustive list as to why something is not going to work and why you should stop. Let them be, just smile at them, cos no one ever knows your life as well as you do. The rest of them are mere cogs in the wheel, you are the driver who needn’t worry much as to where the cogs think you are driving.

10) It’s a refreshing , fun filled book

– Above all, it is one book which you will love to have if you like the points mentioned above. All of these and more is encapsulated in a fun filled way which you can relate to, laugh really loud and think at the same time. Very few authors have that capacity to do so and this is definitely one such.

If you are interested in picking it up, here are few links that might help





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